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SAPIN, Italy


Business Activities

Sapin is an Italian SME with 18 employees that has been in business since 1971 and produce lay-flat hoses. Sapin production covers single and double jacket hoses, plain and twill polyester H.T. jackets, with natural and/or synthetic rubber linings, oil and ozone resistant, with additional outer coatings of nytrilic, polyurethanic and polichlorovinylresins, rubber covered hoses with anti-abrasion profile, offering a complete range of fire hoses and industrial pipes, particularly when there is a need for light hoses which roll flat and take up little space (compressed air, irrigation, snow cannons, fuel drinking water delivery). All this hoses can be supplied with B.S., Storz, Afnor and any other international couplings. Since 2004, in accordance with the European Directive 89/106/CEE, Sapin has more than 180 Hydrant systems with lay flat hose certified EN 671/2 and more than 80 fire hose reels certified EN 671/1, that can satisfy every needs. Sapin produce and commercialize also a big range of fire fighting equipment like nozzle, cabinets, hose reels, hydrant, couplings and adapters.

Role in the Project

SAPIN will bring in its knowledge about rubber and yarn and about the production process of extrusion-through the weave of lay-flat hoses. The company has production equipment and will produce short runs of the newly developed rubber compounds. In addition, SAPIN will participate in the costs studies.

As rubber hose manufacturer, Sapin is deeply involved on the project and has a great interest in the immediate implementation and exploitation of the results of the project.

Personnel Involved

Mr. Andrea Chevallard. He is the current R & D manager at the company, with experience with the entire process. He will provide the skills to help on the managerial duties of the Consortium and on the costs calculations.

Mr. Alberto Chevallard. His long experience with the production process makes him a foreman in the hose production. He will supervise the manufacture of the new rubber hoses.

Benefits expected

The company aims to be able to produce lay-flat extruded-through-the-weave hoses with new less costly rubber compounds in such a way that the vulcanization is done as a continuous process.