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Business Activities

ELASTORSA is an SME within the chemistry sector specialised in the design, fabrication and commercialisation of rubber blends for applications such as automotive pneumatic reconstruction, transporting bands, hoses, seals, etc. Their activity started in 1967 and has experience a continuous growth from national to European level, and has managed to remain on a competitive position in Europe thanks to some previous R&D investments.

Role in the Project

ELASTORSA will be responsible in the project of the optimization of the processing conditions for the correct mixing of the rubber compound ingredients, leading WP2. As experienced compounder, ELASTORSA will also play an important role on the selection of the materials within the WP1. Once rubber compound is designed and its processing developed in WP2, the company will supply the necessary amount of the rubber compound for vulcanization studies on WP3 and for the manufacture of rubber hoses on WP4.

Personnel Involved

Jose Manuel Herrero has worked in ELASTORSA S.L. as a Quality and R&D Manager over the past 13 years, working in the development of new rubber blends to improve manufacturing methods, as well as managing quality control of blends. Mr Herrero will take the role of responsible for the R&D activity to be conducted in the FIRELI programme.

Alberto López is a Chemist with experience in the compounding and analysis of rubber blends. He works in ELASTORSA S.L. since 1999 as a R&D Engineer in the R&D Department.

Benefits expected

ELASTORSA expects to make the most of the technological development and resulting knowledge for future applications, and that the development of the technology satisfies the real needs of the market. ELASTORSA also foresees that a new product will increase the benefits of the companies. The active participation in a European investigation and development project will provide ELASTORSA a direct contact with important companies on a European level, being able to take advantage of these contacts for other projects out of this one.