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ANBP, Portugal


ANBP - ASSOCIAÇÃO NACIONAL DE BOMBEIROS PROFISSIONAIS; the Portuguese National Association of Professional Firefighters has been constituted in the year 1991 and represents more than 3,000 full-time professional fire fighters who protect the nation’s population. The ANBP, is member of the Conselho Nacional de Bombeiros and Conselho de Segurança Nacional as well as the Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations and is one of the most active lobbying organizations not only in Portugal.

Role in the Project

ANBP will be particularly involved in the promotion and dissemination of the project results. ANBP will interview fire brigades in order to investigate needs and requirements for the innovative fire hoses and contribute to the FOIRCEV Project Website. Its members will test and validate the innovative product and contribute to its improvement. ANBP will further contact standardisation bodies (i.e. European Committee for standardization (CEN)) in order to take up actions toward the establishment of a common European standard for fire hose manufacturing.

Benefits expected

ANBP and its members will make first use of the innovative end product, which will significantly contribute to the health and safety of fire fighting brigades. Since, Southern Europe, in particular Portugal is one of the most affected countries by wild fires the new fire hoses will allow the professional fire fighters to operate faster and more efficient saving lives and land.