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Business Activities

EURORUBER was founded in 1982 and specializes in the manufacture of flat flexible fire and industrial rubber hoses and the production of protection equipment as its main business purpose. This allows us to offer a global fire fighting service for both the public and private sectors. The company has evolved continuously from a local supplier to a consolidated exporter with more than 60% of the rubber hose produced being exported, thanks to its R&D policy underpinned by a company policy of consistently re-investing profits. We have carried out various R&D projects since 2000, creating new developments both in our proprietary production processes and in new products, such as: Firestar (the first fire hose produced on Hypalon), Reflestar (the first reflecting fire hose), Reflex-4K (the first four layer fire hose reflecting hose), Gomdur-4K (the first 4 layer fire hose reinforced with Hypalon + Kevlar), etc . Since the new facilities were inaugurated, the company manufactures 150 metre hoses and it also manufactures diameters of 8 to 10 inches since 2001, making it one of the few companies in the world to manufacture rubber hoses of such diameters.

Role in the Project

First we will act as Project Coordinator and will manage the Consortium, providing the leadership in the project. We will create clear and defined lines of communication with the partners and the EC. In the technical development of the project, we will lead the WP 4. Within this WP, we will produce short runs of lay-flat hoses based on the newly developed rubber compounds by extrusion-through the weave at the company premises with the vulcanization equipment designed (infrared shock tunnel) and installed during the project, and the experience provided by our technical staff. The company has the necessary production equipment to carry out this task. We will do the costs studies and Consortium Management with the help the other SME participants.

We are the driving force of the Consortium, showing our strong commitment to this project, and it is of maximum interest for us to implement and exploit in the short term the results of the project.

Personnel Involved

Juan Diego Sáenz has a degree in Economic Studies and has the position of Administrative Director at EURORUBBER since 1982. He has a 25 years sound experience on EURORUBBER products, accounting and financial procedures, as well as a throughout networking capacity with various governmental institutions with access to funding schemes. He has taken part on all the R&D projects in which the company has been involved and will provide the skills to lead and manage the Consortium. In addition he will participate on the costs calculations.

Ms. Judith Pozo. Quality Manager from 1.996, in 2006 she achieved functions as R&D responsible due to its high technical background. She has been in charge of the quality control of rubber hoses for 11 years, including the testing of the product to comply with the clients specifications. .

Mr. Fernando Marijuán. He is the current R&D technician and Project manager for the company. He has experience in the development of new process and products due to its previous work in the automotive sector. He is a polymer engineer and has experience working with rubber and plastics parts. He will be helping Mr. Sáenz in the management of the project

Benefits expected

The company aims to be able to produce lay-flat extruded-through-the-weave hoses with new less costly rubber compounds in such a way that the vulcanization is done as a continuous process. This project will support our R&D and will help us to extend our business in different markets and sectors where we are not currently active because we lack the correct product the customers demand. These markets are driven by product capabilities, meaning that if you cannot supply a product to match the requirements, despite something similar from your standard product will perform; we will never do any business.