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The Institute of Polymers, ICTP, is one of the Institutes of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), the biggest public research organization in Spain, which covers all areas of knowledge. The Institute was founded more than 50 years ago and during this time has gathered a huge experience in polymeric materials, including elastomeric materials. The Department of Elastomers, one of the original departments of the Institute from the beginning, was selected for its long experience in rubber technology, particularly in the development of formulations and in the basic understanding of rubber crosslinking. The institution has laboratory apparatus and staff with expertise on rubber compounding at laboratory scale and elastomeric materials properties evaluation.

Role in the Project

During the project, ICTP will design formulations and will characterize the curing and physical and rheological properties of the rubber compounds prepared at laboratory scale, and will characterize some properties of the rubber compounds mixed at the SME compounder ELASTORSA at industrial scale. The physical properties will include mechanical, adhesion, and ozone resistance properties, and rheology will be characterized with a capillary rheometer. Vulcanization will be evaluated with a Mooney viscosimeter and a Rubber Process Analyzer. Of great interest will be their characterization of the composition and the evolution rate of the volatiles released during vulcanization. Their knowledge will assist in developing the most practical and economical rubber compound for rubber hose manufacturing.

Personnel Involved

Dr Angel Marcos. Dr Marcos is permanent staff of the Department since 1998. He has been the responsible in the Department for two European Projects related to rubber and will be the internal responsible for this project. He has the necessary experience in the Design of Experiments.

Dr Andres Rodriguez. Dr Rodriguez is the head of the Department of Elastomers and has more than 18 years experience in rubber technology in industry and academia. He will be mainly involved on the rheological studies of the compounds.

Dr. Luis Gonzalez. Dr Gonzalez has been conducting the identification of rubber compounds and design of rubber formulations for more than 20 years. He provides the necessary expertise in formulation and in characterization techniques to lead the studies on rubber formulation and TGA-MS characterization.

Dr. Luis Ibarra. Dr Ibarra has more than 20 years experience in rubber technology and currently is in charge within the Department of the characterization of physical properties of rubber compounds. He will manage all the tests to be carried out on the rubber compounds.